Black and Baby Cheeta Elana Bag
Elana Bag Back
Large Elana Bag Inside

Large and Small Elana Bags

Originally inspired by the Scottish Sporran, this little gem of a leather purse is designed to hold a full-sized checkbook, wallet, glasses, and hairbrush with room for more, but still compact  enough to hide under your coat for big city jaunts.
Our leather Elana bag has an inside zipper pocket, an outside back pocket, and magnetic clasp.
The Large Elana has an adjustable buckle strap.
The Small Elana’s strap has an adjustable, non-buckle strap and enough room for all of the necessities.
Available in black, brown, tan, and red leather.  The Small Elana Bag is also available in a variety of more exotic leathers.
Lg. Elana $110.00
Large Elana in Specialty Leather $120.
Small Elana in Specialty Leather $85.
Small Elana Bag $75.00 (All the small pictures are Small Elana Bags.)
Any picture of an Elana Bag with a wider buckle strap is a Large Elana.
Small Elana is 8″ X 7″ X 1.5″
Large Elana is 9″ X 8″ X 2″
Call the shop to see which of our popular small Elana bags are available.

Leather Small Bags Price: From $75.-$110.
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Leather Rectangle Bag

This elegant, but sporty, little leather purse may be worn for any occasion.  It can comfortably hold a full-sized checkbook, wallet, and glasses.
Complete with an inside  zipper pocket, back pocket on the outside, and adjustable strap.
Available in black, brown, tan, and hunter green leather.
Small $75.00  Pictured on the left, below.
Small Rectangle w/ Specialty Leather $85.
Large Rectangle bag. $110.00

Faux Stingray Elana Bag
Black and Grey Elana Bag
Black and Green Elana Bag
Cognac Leather Elana Bag
Black and Blue Elana Bag
Printed Snake and Roses Elana Bag
Black and Printed Python Elana Bag
Canyon Leather Elana Bag
Large Elana and Large Rectangle Bag

All of our bags are hand-crafted and are made on the premises at Fred Eisen Leather.
We offer a 5 year guarantee on all structural aspects of all of our bags.
Please be aware that colors are not the same on every digital device and can be different from what you see on your screen.