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1974 Leather Mailbag
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Since more men are carrying bags then ever in the past, Fred Eisen designed a leather messenger bag to fill this need.  It comes in 3 sizes, and then he made a smaller version and named it the Bucks County field bag.  These have an assortment of pockets, and not only do men love these leather bags, but women love them, too!
The classic leather mailbag has been one of our standards for 30 years, and has always been one of our most popular leather bags.
The 1974 mailbag is an older, more authentic version which we have brought back again.
All of these bags are durable and age gracefully. They are made by Fred Eisen in Bucks County PA.
And of course, they come with our 5 year guarantee.
Bucks County Field Bag
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